Fee Requests

Fee Requests

Housing and Residence Life Affiliates, Residential Students, and Other Organizations within the University community are encouraged to submit fee requests for funds to help supplement creative ideas that will improve life in the residence halls.

Important Information to Know:

  1. All free requests must be submitted THREE (3) weeks prior to your program or event. Any request made within 3 weeks of an event are subject to automatic disqualification.
  2. You will share your presentation to the Executive Council one week prior to your presentation at the General Body Meeting for feedback. You (or a proxy) will then present to the General Body and the Representative Council will deicde on your fee request.
  3. RSA will only fund pre-approved items. Any items that were bought without approval will not be reimbursed by RSA and the requesting party will be responsible for any funds not covered by RSA.
  4. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Finance at RSAFinance@uncc.edu.

Examples of Fee Requests:

  • Additional Funding for Programs (i.e. funding for cookouts, outdoor movies, recycling contests, etc.)
  • Co-Sponorship (Other organizations within the University community may submit fee requests for programs co-sponsored with RSA)
  • Hall Improvements (purchasing TVs, DVD players, ping-pong tables, grills, etc.; helping to fund awnings over doorways, new pathways/staircases, etc.)

Things to Consider in your Presentation:

  • Tell us about yourself and the Group/Organization you are representing
  • Tell us about your event or purpose for this fee request
  • Tell us about how you plan to spend this money and why.
  • Please provide us with your budget
  • Please include an example of your marketing strategy

Submit a Fee Request:

Fee Request Form

If your fee request is approved, here are next steps:

  1. You will be sent a verification form, it will need information from you and your signature. Please be on the lookout for this form to your charlotte.edu email. If not signed before the event, you are forfeiting any promised monies.
  2. It is required that all who are approved for funding, must submit an itemized receipt within 48 hours from the end of the program. Failure to submit the digital form within 48 hours of the end of the program, will result in future requesting privileges to be frozen indefinitely until proof of purchases are submitted.
  3. All flyers and printed materials must have the RSA logo. Please send your final publicity to the Director of Finance at RSAFinance@uncc.edu
  4. Funds must be used for what they were allocated as stated in the verification form; we will not fund any items that were not approved.